What's new in Vtiger 8

Vtiger 8 is the brand new & latest version of Vtiger CRM.

It comes with new UI & exciting features like One view, Built-in dialer, Journey templates, Emotional journey, Email sequences, My Sales Dashboard, Sales Leaderboard, Web chats, etc.

Vtiger 8 is available for 15 days of a free trial.

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new ui

Brand New UI

Vtiger 8 has a brand new user interface - with a fresher look and simpler user experience, that will help speed up your work.

one view

One View

Sales, marketing, and support teams can get a 360-degree view of customer-related deals, campaigns, cases, quotes, invoices, and other details, all in one view.

telephony integration

Built-in Phone Dialer 

The Click-to-Call feature in Vtiger allows sales reps to connect with their customers with a single click. Sales reps never need to leave the CRM window and waste their time dialing.

journey templates

Journey Templates

A sequence of steps that a sales rep should complete to progress a deal to the next stage. In every Deal Summary View, you can see the percentage of tasks that have been completed to move the deal to closure, and sales reps cannot skip steps to progress the deal.

emotional journey

Emotional journey

Sales, marketing, and support teams can gauge customer sentiments across emails, phone calls, and onsite meetings. Using this feature, they can capture both positive and negative experiences.

email sequences

Email sequences

Send predefined sequences of emails to your prospects. These emails are automatically triggered based on your previous interactions.

You can perform the following actions with this feature - select targeted recipients, use predefined email templates, schedule sequences, and assign tasks to specific members of your team.

my sales dashboard

My Sales Dashboard

Sales reps can get the status of their pipelines and activities in real-time. At a glance, they can view the following metrics:

  • Deal win rate
  • Follow-ups per Lead
  • Lead first follow-up time
  • Average sales cycle
  • Leads funnel
  • Deals created and much more
sales leaderboard

Sales Leaderboard 

Sales leadership can view key metrics of each member of their team and can view data such as:

  • Top 10 performers
  • Top product sales
  • Top deals of the month
  • Top reps by win percentage
  • Top reps by activities completed and much more


Actions in Vtiger 8 provide a one-stop solution for viewing alerts and reminders.

You will be notified about your upcoming events, tasks that are due, @mentions, and engagement alerts on all the documents shared with your customers.

Actions in Vtiger allows both managers and team members to configure alerts in addition to default notifications.


Import History with Undo Option

Accidentally stopped your import process and worried about losing records? Vtiger 8's Import Data feature comes with the Undo option. You can undo your previous action and import records that are stored in the CRM for 30 days.

whatsapp integration

WhatsApp Integration with Twilio

Vtiger 8  now provides integration between WhatsApp and Twilio. You can send and receive WhatsApp messages to and from your customers, directly from the CRM, ensuring you don't miss any notifications.

esign document

Multiple Signatories for Esign Documents

Esign Documents module in Vtiger 8 allows you to add multiple signatories to the documents you share with your customers, such as sales proposals, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and more.

deal contact role

Deal Contact Role

Vtiger 8 helps you specify the role a contact plays in a deal, allowing sales teams to differentiate among stakeholders and understand the type of influence they have on the deal. By default, Vtiger provides the following role values:

  • Gatekeeper
  • Business user
  • Business influencer
  • Technical influencer
  • Decision-maker
  • Budget approver
  • Project manager
tasks and subtasks

Tasks and Subtasks

Create and manage all your team's tasks in one place from beginning to end. You can also delegate subtasks to your team members and set deadlines to ensure projects get done on time. You can see your tasks in three different views - List, Kanban, and Calendar View.

dependent tasks

Dependent Tasks

Create a sequence of tasks with one-way dependencies. You can make the task-dependent on another by using the Previous Task field.

web chats

Vtiger Web Chats

Customers can interact with your sales, support, and marketing teams in real-time.

chat insights

Chat Insights

Vtiger Web Chats have a feature called Chat Insights that lets you track the performance of your agents, using which you can help them improve their performance.

Paid Add-ons

Vtiger Calculus

AI & ML predictions and recommendations on the best times to reach your customers.

Knowledge Base portal

You can organize all the frequently asked questions, products, and services details, policies much more and make it easily accessible to your customers and internal teams.

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