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With Actions, always stay up-to-date on your deadlines, meetings, follow-ups, etc., effortlessly. Take actions at the right time and stay ahead of the curve.

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Actions works like your own personal assistant reminding you of all the work-related activities from time to time. What’s more? It automatically reminds you about tasks and events so that you didn’t miss deadlines.

Stay on top of all your activities

Do away with setting up reminders. The My Actions tab lists all your calls, meetings, and tasks sorted according to urgency, so you do not miss out on them. Tick off completed activities directly from the notification.

Team collaboration made easy

Keep your discussions transparent with @Mentions. Mention your teammates, get the conversation history, reply to your mentions, and close conversations directly from Actions page. Search for mentions by filtering them by keywords, users, etc.

Stay informed about customer engagement

Make customer collaboration easy. Get notified about customers’ interactions with your emails and documents. Updates on the records you follow are shown under the Updates tab.

Be on the same page as them by knowing what emails and documents they viewed, downloaded, and reshared. Find out if the customer opened your email through the alerts on the Engagements tab.

You can also control which alerts should show up for you.

Keep up on the records that matter

The Updates tab shows record updates. Enable alerts, follow the records that you are working on, and instantly be notified when there is an update on them.

Work smart with Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts make it easy for managers to monitor team members. Save time on manual checks by setting up alerts on your teammates' deals, invoices, etc. Monitor their progress by getting notified every time there is a change.

Conform your alerts to your preferences

Customize all your alerts. Vtiger CRM allows you to set up Activity alerts, Engagement alerts, and Mentions. Choose what you want to be notified about and when. Set up alert channels and notification sounds to never miss an update.

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