Know Your Contacts Better

With an actionable 360-degree historical view into every engagement they've ever had with you.

Contact management in CRM

Get up to speed in seconds

Vtiger shows you a complete history of your relationship with leads and customers. In their contact record you’ll find their personal information, notes you’ve written, and emails and calls you’ve exchanged with them. And if you’ve attached a file, sent them a quote, or engaged with them in any other way, you’ll find it there too, so that you can learn about them faster and take action sooner.

Mentions in Vtiger

Take action with an email or call, or get assistance with a @tagged comment

Ready to engage? Send an email or place a call in a single click (& record it, too, if you choose). Or if you need assistance from an expert in the organization before you can do that, @tag them in a note that instantly lets them know to take a look.

Contact and Activity Management

Know when to act with idle contact, activity, and other notifications

Vtiger ensures that you’re always in the know with on-screen, SMS, or email alerts that notify you if a contact becomes active, idle, or meets various other conditions. Do this for contacts assigned to you or your team, or select individual contacts to receive notifications for.

Event Scheduling in Calendar

Stay on top of your commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events

Not yet ready to reach out to a contact? Create a task to follow up with them later. Or if you’ve already scheduled a meeting, create a calendar event. Tasks and events are linked to the contact’s record so that their information is just a click away. Calendar events are also synchronized with Google, Outlook, and other calendars.

Import contacts from anywhere, automatically

Spend more of your time working with your contacts instead of on them. Whether you receive contacts from a CSV file, an email, a form submitted on your website, or a third-party app like Google Contacts, Vtiger automatically imports them for you.

Find contacts using just crumbs of information using Vtiger’s intelligent search tool

Vtiger helps you find the right contacts to talk to. Search for a contact by name, or if you can’t remember it, use even partial information from their profile. If you often work with a subset of contacts, create a filtered list and make it a default view.

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