Sales & Help Desk Analytics & Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of your sales organization with Vtiger's sales insights. The insights dashboard highlights key organization, team, and pipeline stats like top performing team members, and the current value of open opportunities.

Sales Insights

Key insights to sales managers and representatives.


Dive deeper into your analysis, with pre-built pipeline, team, and activity analytics

Spot an interesting stat or trend in one analysis? Use the menu to reach seven related analyses uncovering how team activities, the structure of your pipeline, and deal flow contribute to it.

Visualize the health of your sales pipeline

The highest level measure of your organization’s health is the values of your sales pipeline and wins at any time. The pipeline value chart shows you growth and contraction in these values over time. See an interesting trend? Use the tabular data below each chart to trace its source to a sales person, sales stage, or other source.

Slice and dice chart data with related tables

Beneath each chart sits tabular data that breaks down what you see in charts in different ways, painting a clearer picture of how your team, pipeline, and deals contribute to the trends that you see.

A range of pre-built charts and tables visualize your sales organization’s health

Get insights from the perspective of your sales team, their activities, your sales process, and overall sales pipeline help you spot opportunities for improvements across all of your inputs and processes.

Get real time insight into your case pipeline performance over time

See a breakdown of your case backlog by the case’s state, age, agents assigned and more. Click on chart legends to filter through the data and see which agents are the most overloaded, and which types of tickets contribute most to your backlog.

Determine bottlenecks / drivers across your support process

A number of bottlenecks can cause slowdowns. Case assignment may take too long, agents may delay accepting cases, wait states can be extended. Visualize your data to find and resolve these and other problems.

Build, schedule, and export custom reports and charts

Pull data from cases, customers, and other areas into customized tables, reports and charts. Pin these to your dashboard, schedule them for periodic dissemination across the organization via email, or download them for analysis in third party data analysis tools.

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