Workflow Automation

Intelligently automate all processes to save time, drive sales, and streamline processes. Automate your team's repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time working on what's important.


Sales automations

Automate repetitive tasks

Create if-then rules that automate repetitive but important tasks. These look for a trigger you define, such as an opportunity being idle for 48-hours or an invoice being created, and once triggered, can send an email, create a task, update a record, or send an SMS message.

Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions

Link Vtiger to forms on your website to automatically create leads or contacts from form submissions. All form field information automatically maps to corresponding fields in Vtiger.

Automate next steps from email

Whenever you receive an email, Vtiger can automatically attach it to the sender’s Vtiger record. If a sender doesn’t exist, Vtiger can create one for you. Even if an email from a known contact contains a lead’s information, Vtiger can parse that information out of the email to create a new lead or contact.


Support automations

Trigger actions based on changes to a case

You close a case when you think issues have been resolved. If a customer thinks differently and replies, Vtiger can automatically reopen the case and alert the assigned agent and supervisor to let them know.

Trigger actions based on a case becoming inactive

You work with a lot of customers, and things can sometimes slip through the cracks. Vtiger can notify you if a high priority case from a customer you’ve tagged as a VIP hasn’t been accepted in a reasonable amount of time.

Automate case field updates

Update any case field using workflows. If an issue is categorized as a refund, for example, Vtiger can automatically apply a refund-related SLA that establishes how long you have to deal with the case. If a case is reopened, automatically set its priority to high. Or if an email arrives with the text “password” in it, the case can automatically be assigned to your IT team. With such granular automation, you can rest assured that cases are always categorized and addressed correctly.

Automate task creation and assignment

When a case calls for a specific action, Vtiger can automatically create an assigned task and alert the assignee to ensure it gets done.

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What is Workflow in CRM?

Workflow is a sequential progression of orderly steps required to complete a business process. Creating workflows in CRM helps in streamlining repetitive tasks, minimizes room for errors, and increases productivity.

Automate Workflows in CRM

Most CRM systems can automate multiple sales and marketing tasks. It translates into lesser manual work for team members as they can create schedules for recurring tasks.

Before you move ahead in the workflow automation journey, you need to critically examine your business processes to determine which ones should be automated through your CRM. Developing assignment rules, documenting processes, and developing a set of actions for task completion can bring about efficiency and standardize CRM workflows.

Top Benefits of CRM Workflow Automation

Connect With Leads Faster: Develop automated web forms that will capture prospect information such as contact details, address, and email. Connect with leads to maximize sales and build strong relationships.

Send Personalized Emails: Automate sales email sequences by customizing fields and running time-bound workflows. Increase email engagement, open rates, and conversion ratios with personalized content.

Track Follow-Ups: Nurture sales deals at the right time by automating follow-up emails and meetings. Workflows ensure that you connect with potential customers and move them down the sales pipeline.

Better Marketing Campaigns: Use automated CRM workflows to trigger drip email marketing campaigns to connect with leads at specific time intervals and generate interest.

Reduce Human Error: Create standardized sales, support, and marketing processes aligned with your strategic business goals. Reduce human errors, delays, and improve results by implementing workflows.

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