Google Apps and CRM Integration

Sync your favorite Google Apps with Vtiger CRM to save time and boost productivity

Google Apps (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive) lets you keep track of all your contacts, events, emails, see when you last interacted, schedule and share activities, manage files, and more.

Vtiger Google Integration allows you to synchronize all of your contacts, calendar events, emails, and files between Vtiger CRM and Google Apps.

Manage all Google information within a unified CRM to close deals faster

Google has a range of great productivity applications that can help you run your business efficiently. Vtiger Google integration can make life easier for members of your sales team and stream operations.

It allows you to sync all your Google data such as contacts, events, emails, and tasks in a centralized platform. You do not need to keep switching apps all the time, as all the information you need is available instantly in one place!

Sync your Google apps into Vtiger


Manage automatic sync of contact lists to your Vtiger CRM to reduce manual effort and bulk imports. Organize contacts in one place for better visibility and segmentation.

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Stay right on track with your meetings and sales activities by syncing Google Calendar and Vtiger. Get instant alerts for upcoming events and follow-ups to ensure that you don't miss even a single meeting.

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View email conversations and link them to deals and sales activities in Vtiger. Manage all business emails in one portal and receive notifications to stay more organized.

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Access all documents stored in your Google Drive without having to leave your Vtiger CRM. Link your files to emails, contacts, and deals to enhance team collaboration and seamless document management.

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Create meetings and share the link with participants. Use it across Events, Contacts, Deals and Web Chats modules. Add captions in real-time during the meeting.

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Why Choose Vtiger for CRM Google Integration?

Access on the Move: Empower your sales team members with access to real-time information, even on the move. This will enable them to track deals, personalize customer service, and improve performance.

Centralized Database: Eliminate the need to move back and forth between applications by maintaining a centralized database with contact, email, event, and deal information.

Enhanced Team Collaboration: Increase transparency and visibility in all sales activities. Clients and team members can engage better by sharing information, holding discussions, and managing tasks.

Schedule Activities Better: Never miss any important follow-up or meeting by syncing calendar events. Schedule tasks in a master list so that all sales team members can be aware of upcoming activities.

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