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What is the Kanban View?

Kanban View allows you to see and manage all your work under one roof. The records will be displayed in terms of cards arranged across different stages.

Be updated in just a glance

Kanban View displays data in an organized fashion for easier understanding. You can gather insights and plan efficiently using the visual arrangement. Additionally, you can sort the cards by parameters such as Created Time, Organization Name, Amount, etc.

All you need is the card

Use a card and organize your data across different stages. You can add a card, edit data, open a card in a new tab or even delete a card from the Kanban view.

Drag and drop is all it takes

Just drag and drop the card to change its stage.

Availability of Kanban View

Kanban view is available in Vtiger across Deals, Journey Templates, Tasks, and Events modules.

Juggle deals without a hitch

Manage multiple deals swimmingly via different sales stages. Use filters to segment deals by pipelines and other parameters. You can hide empty columns and customize the Kanban View using Lists.

Perfection is in the details

View the number of deals and total deal amount of every sales stage. What's more? These numbers get updated automatically when the deals stage is changed.

Tracking made easy in Tasks and Events

The Kanban View shows every task and event as a card placed in columns. The columns indicate the status of the task or event. Perform any action or filter the task or event as needed with ease.

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