Plan with pre-built forecasts

Always hit your sales targets, with forecasts that show you whether you're on track to meet them, or how much of a gap you need to close through team motivation, training, or recruiting.

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Forecast revenue, periods, months or years out

Vtiger’s forecasting tool pulls together all of a sales team’s opportunities, then automatically makes adjustments based on sales stage and probability of closing, and finally lays it out in a table that shows how much revenue you can expect in each future period

Forecast revenue based on different scenarios, including guaranteed revenue, best case, worst case and more

It’s tough to plan effectively when variance dominates your forecasts. Plan more effectively with forecasts that account for different scenarios

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Set private forecast amounts on opportunities

Privately adjust forecast amounts up or down without showing adjustments to sales reps.

Export forecasts to CSV files for sharing or further analysis

Make forecasts available to other members of the team with a simple export via CSV file

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