Automate Workflows

Automate your team's repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time nurturing customers. From transforming emails into lead records, to creating follow up reminders after sales calls, to emailing you a deal update when an opportunity stage hits “won” - workflows make sure you don’t have to sweat the small, and maybe even some of the big stuff.


Automate repetitive tasks

Create if-then rules that automate repetitive but important tasks. These look for a trigger you define, such as an opportunity being idle for 48-hours, or an invoice being created, and once triggered, can send an email, create a task, update a record, or send an SMS message.


Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions

Link Vtiger to a forms on your website to automatically create leads or contacts from form submissions. All form field information automatically maps to corresponding fields in Vtiger.


Automate next steps from email

Whenever you receive an email, Vtiger can automatically attach it to the sender’s Vtiger record. If a sender doesn’t exist, Vtiger can create one for you. Even if an email from a known contact contains a lead’s information, Vtiger can parse that information out of the email to create a new lead or contact.

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