Best Practices/Guides


Session management

Leaving your system unattended or not logging off at times can be risky. Vtiger lets you configure the session timeouts for users. The default session timeout is 72 hours.

Manage Consents

In this article will provide an overview of how you can seek consents from contacts and how the CRM can help your business in conforming to the contact preferences.

Authentication Methods

Authenticate every user’s Login method, Password Policy, and Logout Policy to preserve security. An administrator has to set the login method for all user either using the password or via Google login. And also, set the Inactive Session timeout for all users.

Educate users

There are several habits that you should develop to improve the security of your online activities. Most of these recommendations are simple and following them will significantly bolster your browsing security.

Email Authentication

Authenticate your emails with SPF, DKIM and Sender ID

Data Encryption

Vtiger allows you to encrypt data by enabling field-level encryption. It’s recommended to enable encryption containing PHI /PII data.