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Vtiger webforms simplify data collection and streamline your lead generation process.

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A webform is an online form that has fields for the visitors to enter their data. Its primary function is data collection.

Vtiger webforms automate the process of entering new lead data into the CRM. Identify high intent leads and make a personalized approach.

As easy as ABC

Anybody can easily create webforms from scratch in Vtiger. Pick the fields you want to add from the drop-down list or use one of our pre-defined templates.

Customize as you like it

Vtiger webforms are designed to be customizable, allowing you to structure your forms intuitively. Rearranging the fields with a simple drag and drop.

Acquire more information

Give your leads an option to upload documents right from the webform itself. Use the documentation to serve the leads better.

Strike the iron while it is hot

Expedite lead management by automatically assigning leads to sales reps.

Get the form in just a click

You can easily obtain the HTML code for the webforms you created on Vtiger. Just copy and embed them on your website to display the webform.

Prevent duplication like a pro

Smartly manage duplicate record entries from the webform. You can either retain the current value or update it with the new value or append the new value to the existing data.

Benefits that matter

Skip tedious manual entries by using the Vtiger webforms automation feature. You can design straightforward webforms that make monitoring website visitors simple.

Here are the benefits of using Vtiger webforms:

Store data directly in the CRM: Data entered in the webforms are stored directly in the CRM for easy access. Leverage information about high-intent visitors on your website for making personalized approaches.

Stay updated all the time: Get notified instantly via email every time a webform is submitted.

Automated lead assignment: Simplify lead management by automatically assigning approved leads to sales reps by the round-robin method.

Analytics to assess performance: Identify problematic areas that are driving away visitors and eliminate them. Assess a webform's performance by leveraging data field analysis.

Effective lead nurturing: Use webform insights to create an effective lead nurturing strategy and drive conversions. Empower sales reps to build lasting customer relationships.

Send personalized replies: Sales reps can use the details collected in the webform to personalize their approach to potential customers.

Keep bots at bay: Use captcha and avert invalid lead generation from bots using automated scripts. Focus on leads that matter.

Email Opt-in for consent verification: Get the consent you need to send marketing emails through the Email Opt-in field in Vtiger webforms. Prevent spamming your leads.

Link existing webforms: Integrate existing webforms on your website with the Vtiger webforms easily. Prevent old webforms created for different purposes from being wasted.

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