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What are Work Orders?

Work Orders are documents that contain information on the work to be performed on an asset or service provided to a customer. It helps in organizing tasks with multiple details.

Timelogs for billable hours

Field service agents can log the time spent on a work order, case, or service appointment and track the number of hours spent. This information will be handy while creating invoices.

Service Appointments for easier scheduling

Jobs that need the field service agent to visit the customer site can be scheduled via Service Appointments. Additionally, agents can also keep tabs on their daily work and navigate to customer locations. Service Appointments can be used for planned maintenance as well.

Direct linking for smarter management

Work Orders created from assets or service contracts will inherit essential details from the respective asset or contract. Avoid manual entry of the details to the work order, thereby saving time and effort.

Setting up taxes is no longer taxing

You can set up taxes, tax regions, discounts, price books, shipping charges, and other terms and conditions to simplify your Work Order management.

Flexibility in choosing how to share

Work Orders can be sent to customers either as attachments or as links in an email. Work Orders can also be exported as PDF documents or printed as a hard copy.

Documentation at your fingertips

You can leverage Vtiger’s Documents module for organizing or sharing documents. Generate invoices conveniently from the Work Orders module itself.

One View is all you need

One View widget displays the key modules relevant to Work Orders, such as Contacts, Organizations, Timelogs, Assets, Cases, etc.

Smarter evaluation with reports

Create reports to evaluate and draw conclusions smartly. Some of the reports that work orders can generate include time logged and invoices due.

Benefits of using Work Orders

Unleash the full potential of your field services team

Schedule appointments for onsite services

Efficiently handle repairs and implementation

Perform maintenance

Follow the time spent on individual services

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