naturalForms integration with Vtiger CRM

Convert form data to a smart document with Vtiger - naturalForms integration

naturalForms is a form automation software that enables you to store and manage data digitally.

naturalForms capture data, documents, photos, and sketches.

With Vtiger's - naturalForms Integration, you can send documents for digital signatures and approvals from your customers and directly from the CRM.


  • Import lead data from forms into the CRM.
  • Send documents such as Quotes and Invoices to your customers for signatures and approvals. .
  • Manage documents signed by your customers.
  • Create naturalForms templates in Vtiger CRM by mapping the naturalForms identifiers with Vtiger field values.


  • Dependency on actual paper is reduced.
  • Remains very user-friendly with automatic sync.
  • Comes with well-equipped editing tools.

Available in these editions:

One Pilot One Growth One Professional One Enterprise

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